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About Our Company

We Provide The Best Renewable energy solutions to satisfy your power demands.

BuraSolutions Energy is an integrated engineering company with total commitment to customer service. Our technical team is embedded with qualified personnel providing reliable, cost effective and sustainable engineering solutions leveraging on quality, performance and price competiveness. We offer a wide range of services which includes: solar water technology, installation and maintenance of solar power systems to meet the power requirements of residential, business/offices, oil and gas, telecommunication industries, corporate organizations as well as government agencies.

We partner with major international original manufacturer (IOM) to provide engineering solutions that are reliable, cost effective and sustainable. We design to meet the specification of our clients and our engineers have vast experience in delivering world class solutions. We provide reliable, cost effective and sustainable energy solutions

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Our Partnerships

Partnership With Ecoflux Nigeria

Ecoflux Nigeria is a Renewable Energy brand that is poised to disrupt the energy with its innovation-driven solution that enables Africans to make self-reliant decisions on their energy needs and ensure there is quality and affordable solar energy products at competitive prices. Burasolutions Energy holds partnership with Ecoflux Nigeria to provide technical support for our training programs and to strengthen their operations in the South-South. Our trainees leverage on this partnership to register on ecoflux as solartricians to get solar jobs.

More Partnerships

Partnership with Bori Business School

Bori Business School is a tertiary institution located in Bori, the traditional head-quarters of the Ogoni people. Bori Business School delivers global standard training for mid-level man-power and professionals in different disciplines. The school is geared towards meeting up the human development needs of the global economy and serve as a point for the commercial revolution of Nigeria's grassroot communities especially Bori and its environs.
Burasolutions Energy holds partnership with Bori Business School to deliver entrepreneurship training to our trainees. This enables our trainees to graduate as solar entrepreneurs setting up their own businesses and building a career for themselves in the renewable energy value chain. This partnership also enables those in marginalized and underserved communities particularly those in the rural areas to have access to our training programs.

More Partnerships

Provision of Solar Power for Bori Zonal Hospital

As part of its mandate and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the Ogoni people in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, Burasolutions Energy in partnership with Kiisi Trust Foundation has completed and handed over a 30KW solar mini-grid Project to the Management of Bori Zonal Hospital. The Solar Power serves as an alternative to the perennially poor public power supply to the hospital. The critical sections covered includes; the Maternity Ward, Casualty (A&E) Ward, Combined Ward, Operating Theatre, the walkways between Wards, and the pathway from the Doctor's quarters at the rear of the facility to the casualty and Wards. The Bori Zonal Hospital is located in Khana local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria. It is the biggest government health facility which serves the city of Bori of over 11,000 people and the Khana LGA population of about 250,000 people. Before now the hospital suffered epileptic power supply as there is no grid electricity in the area, Thanks to the solar mini grid that now supplies 24 hours uninterrupted power supply to the hospital. Burasolutions Energy is committed to partnership with relevant stakeholders to deliver renewable energy solutions that will boost energy access and job opportunities in marginalized communities across the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

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