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Solar Academy

BuraSolutions Solar Academy

Burasolutions Solar Academy presents a unique opportunity for students to expand their exposure to STEM careers. It is an intensive but encompassing learning experience that provides young people particularly women with easy opportunities to acquire industry relevant skills and gain support for effective engagement and deployment. The training which is delivered in partnership with Bori Business School: a tertial institution in the Niger Delta, focuses on teaching the flexible modes to designing and installation of photovoltaic systems and backup systems.

The training package is designed in line with international standard and best practices. Thus, it focuses on teaching the flexible modes to designing and installation of photovoltaic systems, backup systems and CCTV technology. The package also includes intensive and creative training on entrepreneurship to enable trainees function independently in the industry or market upon graduation. Our students also have the rare privilege to be connected to existing gainful job opportunities available in both local and global markets. To encourage more women to take part in the training, we offer a 50% discount off the training fee for females only.

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Pilot Project

Burasolutions Pilot Project

  • As part of our course module, our students are made to carry out a pilot project enabling them to have hands on experience in solar system installations. The trainees are made to carry out an installation project independently under our supervision. This helps to boost their skills and enable them to work independently. We encourage females participation in the clean energy space to accelerate the global energy transition plan and end energy poverty in Nigeria.
Skill Up

Solar Skill Up 1.0

  • Are you a solar Engineer, installer, electrician or a beginner just entering the clean energy space? Then this training is for you.

    It's an opportunity to upgrade your skills in solar PV design or find an entry point as a beginner. The reason people complain that solar energy didn't work is because the installer failed to do proper energy audit and system design. They undersize the system and compromise quality because they just want to secure solar jobs.

    These 3 days training will expose you to the techniques required in designing a solar system that'll stand the test of time. We have partnered with both international and local industry experts to be facilitators in this training to give you the best.
Skill Up


  • You will learn:
  • How to conduct energy audit for a building.
  • Inverter sizing for solar system installation.
  • Battery sizing for solar system installation.
  • Solar panel sizing solar system installation.
  • Charge controller sizing for solar system installation.
  • Funding for renewable energy startup.
  • Introduction to mini-grid design.
Our Partnerships

Provision of Solar Power at Bori General Hospital

As part of its mandate and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the Ogoni people in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, Burasolutions Energy in partnership with Kiisi Trust Foundation has completed and handed over a 30KW solar mini-grid Project to the Management of Bori Zonal Hospital. The Solar Power serves as an alternative to the perennially poor public power supply to the hospital. The critical sections covered includes; the Maternity Ward, Casualty (A&E) Ward, Combined Ward, Operating Theatre, the walkways between Wards, and the pathway from the Doctor's quarters at the rear of the facility to the casualty and Wards

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