Solar Skill Up 2.0

BuraSolutions Solar Academy

Burasolutions Solar Academy in partnership with Ashden Climate Solutions in Action is launching the Solar Skill Up 2.0—a 3-Month Intensive Training Program designed to empower the next wave of solar energy professionals. Kickstart your journey on 4th March 2024, where you will dive deep into the world of renewable energy, honing skills that will define the future of sustainable power.
Why Join Us?
Our comprehensive curriculum is crafted by industry trailblazers and covers the cutting-edge of Solar PV Design, Inverter/Battery Technology, and Mini-grid Design. But that's not all—we also navigate the realms of securing Funding for Renewable Energy Start-ups, ensuring you're primed for success from the get-go!
Fully Sponsored Opportunity!
Thanks to the generous support of the Ashden Awards, this training is offered at no cost to you. This is more than an education—it's an investment in your potential, the environment, and the global community.
A Call to Aspiring Female Solar Leaders:
We champion diversity and strongly encourage female applicants to step forward. Your perspective is vital in shaping a balanced and progressive energy landscape.
Interviews & Selection:
Impress us with your passion and vision! Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview where the final selection will be made. It's more than a scholarship—it's a doorway to making a difference.
How to apply:
Send a copy of your CV to and fill the form below.
Application Deadline: 1st March, 2024.


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